Vesta home security and automation kit from CSM.

VESTA is a powerful wireless IP and 4G cloud-based home security and automation platform. It has a class-leading wireless sensor range and features a built-in Zigbee gateway allowing each panel to connect 160 sensors across multiple areas.

Encrypted wireless sensors ideal for harsh environments provide enhanced security with optimum range up to and exceeding hundreds of metres and there’s 10-year battery performance.

Vesta has the flexibility to integrate appliances, lighting and 3rd party sensors seamlessly via its built-in Zigbee automation gateway. You can arm/disarm and view photo/video alarms in real time and also fully control automation scenes/groups through the free IOS and Android application and Amazon Alexa.

The Vesta web-portal also allows management of panels remotely allowing installers to fully configure panel and sensor settings to avoid costly return visits to site. This panel also supports an RF PIR camera with a 2km range.

Distributor: Consolidated Security Merchants
Contact: 1300 663 904