MTM Tunnel seeks video analytics.

Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) is seeking expressions of interest from qualified suppliers to provide a video analytics solution for the MTM Tunnel.

MTM says it’s seeking the most dynamic video analytics system on the market to ensure the Metro Tunnel and its 5 new underground stations will operate safely and efficiently – the project budget is $US500-1M.

This system will be integrated with the CCTV system to analyse hundreds of video streams from across the rail network using the network video management system (NVMS). The system must be reliable in crowded environments and reconfigurable by MTM staff to allow for minor system changes like adding cameras.

Analysis of real-time CCTV footage will enable monitoring of passenger numbers on train platforms, as well as general security measures such as identifying suspicious objects or intruders in restricted areas.

Only a short list of parties selected from this Expression of Interest that meet the capability areas will be invited to undertake a small-scale demonstration trial in the existing Melbourne Underground Rail Loop (MURL) over a period of up to 4 weeks per supplier.

The Metro Tunnel includes the construction of twin 9-kilometre rail tunnels between South Kensington station (north west of the Melbourne City Centre) and South Yarra (in the south east) with 5 new underground stations. The southern portal for the tunnel is to be located to the south of South Yarra station. The tunnel will connect the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines with the Sunbury line, and allow these lines to bypass Flinders Street station and the City Loop while still stopping in the Melbourne central business district.

The project will allow for the operational separation of various existing lines and increase the capacity of the rail network to metro-style frequencies. Most of the project would be built as a public-private partnership, with private sector investors funding much of the estimated $9 billion to $11 billion cost. In late 2017, sections of the Melbourne central business district, including City Square and parts of Swanston Street, were closed to enable construction of the tunnel and stations. The project was originally expected to be completed late 2025.

Expressions of Interest for this EOI must be submitted via the Ariba Discovery portal here between 5:00 pm on 03/May/2019 and 9:00 am on 17/June/2019. Only fully compliant offers will be considered. Please note, the first 5 responses are free. There after the cap fee on a response is $149.