Inner Range has integrated Inception with Milestone XProtect.

INNER Range has just released the latest firmware for its Inception web-based security and access control solution.

Inception is an integrated access control and security alarm system with a design edge – its web-based software is built directly into the main system controller and the Inception system is easy to access using a web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The latest Inception firmware update allows Inception to integrate with Milestone XProtect and brings Inception’s access control and security features directly into Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client allowing users to manage and control their whole site through a centralised interface.

Features of the integration include:

* Full Door, Area, and Output State and Control – Live state for these items are synced to Milestone and can be interacted with via the XProtect client. These items can be displayed on site maps in Milestone with full control abilities. They can also be controlled by the Milestone Mobile App.

* Live Event Syncing – A wide range of events including access and alarm events are sent to Milestone as soon as they occur. Milestone can in-turn trigger automated response actions and create alarm events based on these events.

* Dynamic User Syncing and Editing – Users are dynamically synced into Milestone with new users and changes automatically appearing in the Milestone interface. Shortcut links allow users to be managed directly from the XProtect interface.

* Operator-verified Access Requests – Primary entry doors can display live video footage next to a user’s photo for an operator to verify before granting access through a door.

* Embedded Inception Interface – Inception’s web interface can be shown directly within the XProtect client allowing full configuration abilities without leaving the XProtect Smart Client.