Well played, Fredon, Genetec.

Fredon Security has been awarded Genetec Project of the Year Award for its CCTV upgrade completed at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The project involved upgrading the existing and installing 800 new high-definition and ultra-high definition cameras, including Axis and Sony models, linked to a state-of-the-art facility and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using Genetec VMS.

The surveillance system is equipped with facial recognition technology and using PTZ cameras has the ability to record footage of every seat inside the SCG, as well as zooming in on fans approaching from as far away as 1.5km, alerting authorities to banned patrons or persons of interest.

Sony PTZ and Axis dome installed behind the new M. A. Noble stand at the SCG.

The SCG Trust developed the new security operations centre as part of a $A3.5 million investment in safety and security at the SCG and Allianz Stadium.

“We’re taking the decision here to ensure that every sports fan coming to our grounds is going to at least feel comfortable in the knowledge that they’re being well looked after,” said SCG Trust Chief Executive Jamie Barkley after the security operations centre was opened.

“The SCG now boasts the most sophisticated control centre in Australian sporting venues and one of the best of its kind worldwide,” said Danny Berkovic, managing director of Fredon Security.

“Well done to everyone who was involved in designing, delivering and maintaining this iconic project.”