HILLS is taking new Genetec Synergis IX on a national roadshow. Synergis IX is access control hardware that further empowers the company’s Security Center Synergis system and Genetec’s over-arching Security Center platform.

Synergis IX directly manages 2 doors and supports up to 32 downstream RS-485 modules expandable to 64 doors (128 readers) with 8 inputs and 7 outputs and integrates them with Security Center 5.8 via Genetec CloudLink. Synergis IX is a balanced solution that conforms with Class 5 – a standard for end-to-end encryption of internal system communications within an alarm and access control solution.

Want to learn more about Genetec Synergis IX? Hills Synergis IX Roadshow will provide an in depth look at Genetec’s new access control hardware that aims to enhance their Security Center Synergis system and over-arching Security Center platform. The Roadshow will start in Auckland on 5 June, and then rollout to Sydney on June 6, Melbourne June 7, Perth June 11 and Brisbane June 13. Interested? Check dates and register at hills.com.au