HANWHA has just released 2 new Mobile NVRs.

HANWHA has just released 2 new Mobile NVRs, available in 4 or 8 channels from CSD.

These machines are designed for heavy transport where a robust NVR is required and the operating environment has rigorous vibrations and high temperatures. Adopting an embedded Linux operating system, these feature-rich mobile NVRs provide powerful audio and video encoding for cameras with up to 8-megapixels resolution.

With 4TB SSD storage, optional Wi-Fi wireless network transmission, secure data storage, hard disk vibration damping, and low power consumption, these mobile NVR solutions from Hanwha are applicable to a variety of surveillance scenarios such as public transportation, trucks, mining industry vehicles and watercraft.

For more information, please head into your local CSD branch.

Distributor: CSD
Contact: 1300 319 499