Simon Coleman, founder and managing director at Search the Grapevine.

A NEW web platform has been launched called which solves major problems for security companies, end users and security officers – finding staff, finding clients and finding suppliers.

“Security companies face a chicken and egg scenario,” said founder and managing director, Simon Coleman. “What comes first – clients or staff? If a security company takes on a job they don’t have enough staff to service, they may leave a client dissatisfied and damage their professional reputation.”

According to Coleman, Search the Grapevine provides user-friendly solutions to these problems.

“If you are looking for security officers, simply post your message at via an easy process that requires no signing up,” he explained. “The appropriate security officers on our network will be notified of your requirements and will get in touch with you.

Search the Grapevine also helps security companies that supply solutions find clients through our up to date list of current jobs and clients in the security industry, which they will be able to access once their company has been verified.”

Search the Grapevine’s business model is based on the highly efficient online process customers have to fitness professionals.  Coleman, who is a security professional and a gym manager, noticed a gap and an opportunity, and partnered with a webmaster to create Search the Grapevine for the security industry.

Search the Grapevine is a brilliant new service that will allow end users, security companies and security officers to work together to create greater efficiencies and to avoid the daunting tasks of finding the right security company and the right security team – make sure you check it out today,” Coleman said.