Genetec continues consolidation of its position in the global VMS, access control and ALPR markets.

ANALYSIS of recent IHS Markit reports shows Genetec is the only security and public safety solutions developer to hold a place in the top-10 global rankings for video management software (VMS), access control software, and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) software.

“As we continue to increase our global market share across all sectors, these reports confer renewed validation of the Genetec unified platform strategy that we pioneered in the market over the past decade,” said Andrew Elvish, vice president at Genetec.

“We are especially thrilled to see the strength and growth of our access control products as they challenge legacy proprietary offerings. Today, customers are seeking flexible, open, and modern solutions that can unify all of the core activities of a customer’s physical security system without locking them into a single-supplier solution,” said Elvish.

In the Americas, the world’s largest market for VMS products with sales of $US477.6M, Genetec remains the leading software developer by a wide margin, with a 14.5 per cent share.

This year, IHS Markit introduced a new category which measures market share for back-end video surveillance equipment including VMS, network recording appliances, and encoders. In a worldwide category dominated by end-to-end hardware manufacturers, Genetec was the sole open platform VMS software developer to achieve a top-5 ranking in this $3.27B USD market. This ranking was achieved through the combined strength of its unified VMS software, OmnicastTM, and its popular StreamvaultTM (SV) line of network security appliances according to data from Genetec.

With its open platform SynergisTM software line of software, Genetec entered into the top-5 ranking for access control software developers in the Americas, and achieved a global top-7 rank. The Synergis software grew its market share in the Americas from 4.5 per cent to 6.1 per cent, while all other traditional access control incumbents in the top-5 reported either <1 per cent or negative year over year market share growth. The same holds true for global rankings, with Genetec showing stronger market share growth than the entire top-5 access control vendors combined.

Taking a strong position in the top-5 rank of the Americas ALPR market, and debuting in the top-10 globally, Genetec is continuing to gain market share with its AutoVuTM software. With the introduction of innovative new ALPR cameras like the SharpV, and new mobile offerings like the scooter-mounted MotoscanTM system, Genetec expects to see its rank rise quickly in this market.