Mobotix has teamed up with cyber security expert, Nelsis.

MOBOTIX has entered into a partnership with one of the world’s leading providers of cybersecurity solutions, Nelsis, and the 2 companies are currently reviewing how they can optimally integrate one another’s features to the benefit of their customers.

Nelysis solutions protect customers’ network infrastructures and systems to ensure physical security and protect control systems. For instance, the Vanguard complete solution from Nelysis minimizes customers’ risks of external and internal hacker attacks as well as operational downtimes.

“It was very important to us to have a leading cybersecurity expert in our partner network,” said Hartmut Sprave, CTO of MOBOTIX AG. “In keeping with our realignment as a complete solution provider that works closely together with global partners to develop cyber-secure, decentralized and energy-efficient systems, including for new, vertical markets, it’s important for us to work with a partner whose core competence is ensuring the cybersecurity of network infrastructures and systems.”

According to Mobotix, the market for network infrastructures, and the applications installed on them, is becoming increasingly complex. Proprietary solutions are being replaced by technology partnerships in our increasingly networked world. This calls for working together with partners from adjacent technology sectors to fulfil the intertwined requirements and challenges of the future that customers face in terms of ensuring cyber-secure network and IT solutions.