DSC Power-G DSCPG4312 Wireless Outdoor Magnetic Contact with Auxiliary Input

BGW Technologies has launched the DSCPG4312 Power-G Wireless Outdoor Magnetic Contact with Auxiliary Input from DSC. It is compatible with DSC PowerSeries NEO and DSC iotega and will be in stock in July 2019.

The DSCPG4312 is perfect for both residential and high-volume commercial use. This robust device is designed to protect outdoor entries and exits, including perimeter gates, pool and garden enclosures, shed doors, windows and more.

This outdoor magnetic contact offers IP66 certified for dust-tight and waterproof rating, with a long-lasting battery and reliable operation in severe weather conditions, including operating temperature range of -40C to +66C and configurable auxiliary input options for NC, NO, SEOL or DEOL applications.

The Power-G technology use with DSCPG4312 offers:

• Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology – to overcome frequency blocking and interference
• Adaptive transmission power – for battery life preservation
• High transmission ranges – for reliable communication
• TDMA synchronized communication technology – to prevent message collisions
• 2-Way 128-bit AES encryption – for high-level protection against analysis tools and digital attacks.

For more information on DSC Power-G wireless solutions contact BGW Technologies at www.bgwt.com.au