UNV releases Wi-Fi kits.

UNIVIEW has released its 2MP Wi-Fi Kits solution in bullet and dome configurations available now from SecuSafe. UNV has optimized the Wi-Fi signal, which enhances the capabilities of its new wireless solution.

UNV Wi-Fi Kits signal is far more stable than competitors and is tested to a range of 40m, even when blocked with 30cm of reinforced concrete. UNV Wi-Fi Kits has auto network adaption, which can automatically adjust the resolution, bitrate and frame rate in order to provide fluent live view.

In addition to its signal stability, the Wi-Fi KITS has a safety feature called stream scramble, means stream during transmission is encrypted so video content is protected from unwanted visitors. The standalone Wi-Fi IPC is supplementary to UNV’s wireless solutions, which can directly use EZCloud P2P solution.

Distributor: SecuSafe

Contact: +61 2 9649 4477