If you Cat-6 cables are installed loosely it's not the end of the world...

When installing Cat-6 cable recently, I found that my nice, neat work seemed to have reduced bandwidth. It sounds improbable but performance was better before I started looming.

A: Yes – it’s possible the effect you describe is real. Cat-5 has no real trouble if you ignore the stated bend radius in cable runs or bind it into a bundle. And you can pull Cat-5e too – not the way you can pull coax, but you could drag bundles.

Things are different with Cat-6 cable. If you don’t follow the guidelines with your Cat-6 installations it may perform worse than Cat-5e. The way to ensure the best possible performance from Cat-6 is to be a little sloppy with the installation. Avoid neat bundles and tight cinches – don’t pull Cat-6 cable, lay it.

The looser your Cat-6 cable runs are, the better they’ll perform.