ACC seeking security solutions and maintenance. Image by William Stadtwald Demchick.

NEW Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation is seeking electronic security solutions support and maintenance for its 30 sites. The ACC administers compensation claims totalling billions of dollars annually.

ACC says the safety of its 3000 staff and the security of its physical locations is a key focus. Its intentions are to maintain a robust building security system across its 30 sites (nationwide) on a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week basis.

ACC’s security system is integrated into the wider network via VLAN (virtual local area network) and includes an access control system, CCTV, intruder and personal duress alarms, and personalised identification access cards.

ACC clients have been threatened or attempted to harm ACC staff. In 1999, a staff member was fatally stabbed by a claimant at an ACC office in Henderson. In 2010, ACC logos were removed from company vehicles after several staff had their cars rammed.

In 2000, a threat against former chief executive Ralph Stewart led to a decision for security staff to be posted outside his home. There have been at least 2 threats to blow up a car bomb outside ACC offices and police have had to be called on several other occasions.

In 2012, there were a total of 134 recorded threats made against staff — the majority against case managers “making difficult decisions”.

A supplier briefing will be held at ACC’s office in Wellington on 28 July and pre-registration is required by July 26, 2019.