Panasonic has released a pair of IR-enabled long-range PTZs.

PANASONIC has released 2 new iA 1080p PTZs with 60fps and long-range infrared – a 40x PTZ with 350m IR and a 22x PTZ with 100m IR.

Distributed locally by BGWT, the new cameras will be available from July i-VMD license bundled, and can deliver high quality images automatically, even in very challenging city-safe environments. The new cameras offer a long lifecycle with their durable pan/tilt gear mechanism and are designed to minimise blind spots at areas where a wide area needs to be monitored, such as stadiums, critical infrastructure, airports and station concourses. For greater viewing flexibility, Panasonic’s wide range tilt angle adjustment allows for a -30 to +210-degree range.

The iA PTZ Dome cameras also offer Clear Sight Coating, environmental durability (IP66 and IK10 certified) and their long-distance IR illumination produces a clear monochrome image at 0 lux conditions up to 350m (WV-X6533LN) or 100m (WV-S6532LN). Intelligent Zoom Stabilization means that at full optical zoom, the cameras allow increased visibility in blurred conditions. When viewing challenging scenes including moving traffic, the Intelligent Auto (iA) monitors scene dynamics and motion and adjusts camera settings automatically in real-time, reducing motion blur of moving objects.

With H.265 smart coding technology, bandwidth is intelligently reduced by up to 95 per cent more than conventional H.264 for longer recording, and less storage. The new self-learning region of interest encoding (Auto VIQS) also dynamically detects motion areas to keep vehicles and humans in good picture quality while reducing bandwidth.

With environmental durability (IP66 and IK10) these new Panasonic cameras perform well in all weather conditions and are strong in night applications with (0.001 to 0.015 lx) colour night vision. For more information, contact BGW Technologies at