“We are now in a position where we have arguably the best video distribution network in Australia,” said Chris Dellenty, general manager at Bosch Security Systems

Bosch Security Systems has fine-tuned its go-to-market strategies for video products in the last couple of years. Since restructuring in 2017, key strategies have been implemented.

Bosch sought and entered into partnerships with 4 video centric distributors which can support Bosch’s annual double-digit growth. Anixter, Central Security Distribution and Controlware Communications Systems were appointed as national distributors, with Source Security continuing in Western Australia. With this now well in place, from July 1, 2019 Bosch Security will run a 100 per cent distribution model.

“We are now in a position where we have arguably the best video distribution network in Australia,” said Chris Dellenty, general manager at Bosch Security Systems. “Our distributors are highly skilled, have a truly national reach, and they understand the unique strengths of Bosch video products.

“While logistics has been centralised from several state locations to the high-tech Robert Bosch Logistics Centre in Melbourne, Bosch Security still stands out in the industry by keeping very healthy levels of video product inventory in the country. With stock in our own logistics centre, and stock on distributors’ shelves across the country, we are well placed to supply products when they are needed.”

Bosch Security Systems is concentrating on illustrating the power of its Intelligent Video Analytics. With the motto of ‘Video as a Sensor’ the company’s video camera products come supplied with Essential Video Analytics for indoor use or Intelligent Video Analytics for outdoor use. The license-free analytics are included in the price of the camera and provide an extensive set of pre-configured analytics rules.

Additionally, script-based rules can be used for customised, more extensive analytic applications. Another extension to this is Bosch’s Camera Trainer, which enables the camera to adjust and learn objects and patterns for use in analytic scenarios. And to push the envelope even further, Bosch is now introducing a range of Metadata Decoder SDK’s for developers interested in visualising the metadata generated by a Bosch camera for use in statistical dashboards or reporting.

Dellenty is excited about the future of video and of analytics.

“Bosch cameras can do much more than just provide a great video image at an impressive bit rate,” he said. “They can make decisions and provide insightful information. We are entering the age of machine learning and application specific dashboards. This is very powerful and exciting.”

To top it all off, the latest piece of news from Bosch is the new Bosch Video Partner loyalty program, which has just been launched in conjunction with the company’s video distributors. The program is designed to uphold Robert Bosch’s values of quality, customer service and business excellence with attractive rewards and benefits on offer for integrators purchasing through Anixter, CSD, Controlware and Source Security.

“We are very excited about the launch of the Bosch Video Program,” Dellenty said. “We will work with our distributors to provide integrators access to our project support scheme, Bosch experience centre, customised sales and technical training, lead forwarding and much more.”