UPS should be at the heart of every serious electronic security solution.

What’s the most important element of any electronic security systems – hardware or software?

A: The most important element of any electronic security system is power supply and you should give serious consideration to selecting the uninterrupted power supply to support it. Part of this process is going to be deciding whether or not the security system is mission critical – if it is, then your budget just increased 10x and you can create a capable solution.

You’ll need to think about load, about runtime, whether the unit is rack or enclosure mounted, you might want to think about sine wave form – pure is best – remote management and monitoring via app. Something else that’s going to be important is load shedding in the event the system goes over onto UPS. What parts of the electronic security solution can be powered down? UPS can be additionally supported with a generator. It’s also possible to use local solar generation to support the system during daylight hours.