Video/audio/power/data over a single coaxial cable from Dahua.

Dahua has launched a new series of digital video recorders comprising XVR5104H-X-4P, XVR5108H-X-8P and XVR5216AN-X-16P.

These units have stronger functions while saving a significant portion of wiring and power cost, thanks to the Dahua HDCVI-PoC technology that realizes transmitting video/audio/power/data over a single coaxial cable.

Dahua HDCVI PoC cameras come in two types: AT mode (maximum power consumption ≤12W) and AF mode (maximum power consumption ≤6W). The new series of recorders support full-channel Dahua AT and AF PoC camera access, regardless of different series and resolutions, with zoom or fixed lens.

Meanwhile, the PoC technology makes it possible for back-end recorders to provide instant power, through the same coaxial cable, to PoC cameras, which is a more stable way of energy supply.

Dahua Technology’s -PoC products support broadcast-quality audio, which is far better than ordinary coaxial cable transmission. Moreover, the new back-end products are smart enough to automatically tell if it is a non-PoC camera being connected to the system and decide whether to provide power or shut the power down in a channel.

The beauty of coaxial cable power supply also lies in the much lower cost for users, since separate camera power supplies are no longer needed. Gone with front-end power sources is the complex work of wiring that can only be done manually. In areas where labour cost is high, Dahua Technology’s new series of XVRs are likely to reduce installation expenses by half or even more.