Pelco VideoXpert Plates makes vehicles searches easy.

VIDEOXPERT Plates is an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system used for detecting and capturing vehicle license plates through video feeds. The system integrates with VMS like VideoXpert or can be used on its own.

VideoXpert Plates uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) engine technology, which detects and captures plates with greater than 97 per cent accuracy and minimizes false positives. VideoXpert Plates can detect vehicles moving up to 150 mph (250 kph).

VideoXpert Plates enables access control for restricted areas such as loading docks and employee carparks. If the area has a gate, fence, or garage door, this solution can automatically control which vehicles are authorized to enter or exit the area, which reduces the need for additional security personnel on the scene.

The system can simultaneously detect license plates from multiple states, provinces, and 200 countries without the need for additional engines or databases. Driving the system is VideoXpert Plates Manager, a centralized manager for tasks like plate searching, and a VideoXpert Plates Plugin, which results in a seamless integration with Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS.

Distributor: Pelco Australia
Contact: +61 2 9125 9310