Keep your hands off IWC...

A HIGH-end watch store in New York has installed a SelectaDNA security system, which is claimed to reduce burglary by nearly 90 per cent using a system of forensic marking that links people and objects.

A problem for luxury watch stores is light fingered clients who view multiple watches and contrive to walk out of the store wearing something other than the clone that came in on their wrist.

SelectaDNA is synthetically manufactured in an accredited ISO 17025 laboratory and has some of the properties of organic DNA while being more rugged. Each particle within the forensic solution contains a universally unique code (sequence), which is never replicated, providing an exclusive identifying marker for each client.
This code links a person, a stolen item and even the rightful owners.

The SeclectaDNA system is made up of a control box, spray head and PIR and it can be integrated with other security systems such as intrusion detection, access control, intrusion, video surveillance – there’s even monitoring via Milestone Systems’ XProtect VMS. Installation us relatively simple and takes around 4 hours.