Always choose pro-grade extension cords in support of electronic security installations.

We had a nasty experience with an extension cord recently – one of our techs melted it after mistaking wattage for amperage – is there a simple equation when stepping between the 2 measurements?

A: To calculate amps you divide wattage by voltage – in Australia that’s 240V AC. When using extension cords make sure you check the ampere rating of any tools you plug into them. If you memorise a few numbers you won’t go wrong. Domestic extension cords are usually number 18 wire and should never be used with any appliance or tool that uses more than 7 amps.

If you’re using serious tools, buy heavy-duty extension cords with number 16 or number 14 wire and grounded 3-pronged plugs. If you’re not using your own extension cord, always check the cord for damaged insulation and the integrity of its plugs. When buying new power tools always purchase double insulated items in order to reduce the risk of electric shock and electrical burns.