Fujinon SX800 from BGW Technologies.

Fujinon’s epic new SX800, distributed locally by BGW Technologies, features a built-in lens with 40x optical zoom, offering a focal length range extending from 20mm to 800mm.

The SX800’s feature sets include advanced image stabilization performance, fast and accurate autofocus (AF) with the AF speed as fast as one-third of a second, and exceptional heat haze/fog reduction function. The latter feature makes it possible to almost instantaneously capture clear footage of a distant subject in a variety of weather conditions.

When combined with a digital zoom of up to 1.25x, the camera can reach the focal length equivalent to 1000mm in long-range surveillance, according to the company. This means it can capture a vehicle registration plate on a car which is .62 miles away, according to Fujinon.

To withstand weather and inclement outdoor conditions, Fujifilm’s proprietary image stabilization mechanism accurately controls camera shake with minimal lag. The SX800 also incorporates use of a high-performance image sensor and cutting-edge image processing technology achieves clear images with minimal noise even in low light conditions with high sensitivity settings.

Until now, conventional long-range surveillance cameras have fallen short due to their tendency to shake in gusty winds and due to notoriously slow autofocus. To remedy these challenges while providing exceptional image quality, Fujifilm fused its optical technology, nurtured through the development of a wide range of lenses including 4K/8K-compatible broadcast lenses and cinema camera lenses, with its cutting-edge image processing technology found in the “X Series” of digital cameras, to create the SX800 long-range surveillance camera.