Mobotix' focus on cyber security rewarded.

Mobotix reports it has obtained the certification ‘CNPP-certified’, which integrates the cyber-security dimension.

According to Mobotix, it is the first manufacturer in Europe to obtain CNPP-certified product certification for its video surveillance cameras, offering a guarantee of IT and electronic resistance to cyber-attacks.

“This recognition is proof of quality, performance, and also of the trust of our customers at a time when digital security is becoming a key issue for all stakeholders,” says Patrice Ferrant, regional sales manager, Mobotix.

Mobotic announced its intention to focus more on cyber-security 18 months ago, which included launching the Mobotix Cactus Concept, which has recently been upgraded with the release of the Cactus Patch software download.

“The objective of this initiative is to promote cyber-security in the area of video protection and video-telephony,” Ferrant said. “An integral part of our strategy is to develop a series of product-integrated tools and features that allow IT security administrators to protect their systems.”