Australia’s Office of National Intelligence (ONI) project managing One Pass enterprise access control solution.

Australia’s Office of National Intelligence (ONI), on behalf of the National Intelligence Community (NIC), is seeking consultancy and technical services to undertake the detailed design of a common network and interoperable access card system to enable badge holders to enter facilities across the NIC.

This concept of allowing access to multiple NIC agencies with a single badge is known as One Pass and the scope of the design includes the main Canberra-based headquarters of the ten intelligence agencies that form the NIC.

An industry briefing will be conducted in Barton ACT on the 9th of August from 1-2pm. Representatives of prospective respondents at the briefing will be limited to 2 personnel. Nominations to attend the briefing are to be forwarded in writing to the contact officer specified in the ATM document by no later than 2.00pm on 2 August 2019. Representatives of prospective respondents are to hold a current personnel security clearance of NV1 security clearance level.

All nominated representatives must provide the following details to enable ONI to confirm the clearance level for their representative(s):

a. full name;
b. nationality;
c. date and place of birth; and
d. current personnel security clearance and the Department which issued the clearance.

Your nominated representatives will be unable to attend the industry briefing if they fail to provide this information or ONI is unable to confirm they meet the required clearance level. The Customer will exclude from consideration any Response that does not meet minimum security clearance requirements.

ONI seeks the service provider to propose a delivery approach to achieve the detailed design and associated work specified in the ATM. Timeframe for Delivery is estimated at 6 months (March 2020) and the contract has an estimated value between $A500,000-$1,000,000

The One Pass tender closes on August 30, 2019.