Mobotix M12 Pole Mount cameras in the field.

MOBOTIX is releasing a Cactus Patch which guarantees users of MOBOTIX cameras from the M10 series launched back in 2004, up to the current models Mobotix’ best possible protection against cyberattacks.

“Cactus Patch allows us to protect the longevity of our products and ensures that the older systems that are still in use continue to be cyber-safe,” said Thomas Dieregsweiler, head of product management.

“We are constantly working on identifying possible security gaps and closing them immediately to keep it that way – we anticipate the latest technological developments and analyse how they could affect the cyber security of our products and solutions. If we see a potential threat, we will release an appropriate security update.”

Cactus Patch backs up the company’s solid cyber security credentials. Mobotix cameras have excellent cyber security features and to date, no Mobotix camera has ever been hacked.

The Cactus Patch is available to all customers free and is easy to install – more information can be found here.