Rio Tinto AutoHaul locomotive - part of the world's longest robot.

Perth-based integrator DTI has installed remote video surveillance monitoring systems on Rio Tinto’s AutoHaul locomotives to ensure safe movement of the driverless trains.

DTI’s scope of works included the supply of systems to enable remote monitoring of over 40 level crossings on the rail network. DTI was one of 5 partners on the project, which included Hitachi Rail STS.

The 2.4km-long AutoHaul trains are monitored and controlled from Rio Tinto’s Remote Operations Centre (ROC) in Perth and deliver iron ore from 16 mines to ports in Dampier and Cape Lambert across a 1700km rail network. Since commissioning last year AutoHaul trains have travelled more 4.5 million kilometres.

Around 200 locomotives carrying AutoHaul software are fitted with on-board cameras while all public rail crossings on the network have also been fitted with upgraded CCTV systems monitoring at the ROC. The trains are managed by a modular signalling system developed by Ansaldo STS.

Rio Tinto Iron Ore managing director Ivan Vella said the project had attracted worldwide interest and cemented Western Australia as a heavy-haul rail leader.

“However, the success of AutoHaul would not have been possible without the expertise, collaboration and dedication of teams within Rio Tinto and our numerous partners,” Vella said.