X2 composite cable from CSD.

NEW access control composite cable has been specifically designed to save significant time and money for the installer.

By running a single, 100 per cent copper cable consisting of; 1 x data cable for Sifer or standard card readers, 1 x 4 core 14.020 for REX and breakglass, 1 x 6 core 14.020 for tongue sense, handle position and reed switch, 1 x figure 8 of 14.020 for lock power all together in a green PVC outer sheath eliminates cable jagging and in most cases the need for a 2-tech job, significantly reducing installation costs.

This high-quality cable is priced very competitively and has been designed and manufactured to meet Australian standards and the demands of the security industry.

Distributor: CSD
Contact: 1300 319 499