Paradox WDR-1 flood sensor from CSD.

PARADOX WD1 water detector is designed to trigger an alarm upon contact with water, minimising the risk of severe water damage from leaks or floods in home or business applications.

Being a 2-way device gives an extra level of security, and ensures communication to the panel, especially during detection. The WD1 can also be programmed to close an electric water valve on alarm using the Paradox 2-way PGM. The main unit offers flexible installation – free-standing or surface-mount – and features a built-in piezo buzzer and LED.

The WD1 streamlines installation by including a floor bracket and screw kit, so there’s no need to drill additional holes in walls and ceilings. To broaden the range of exposure, you can include the ES1 Extension Sensor, which increases the detection area by up to 2 metres through its dual-sided technology.

Having no active components, the ES1 can be completely submerged, while the WD1 main unit can be placed safely in an elevated location for enhanced transmission of flood alarm events.

Distributor: CSD
Contact: 1300 319 499