How do you keep up with the future of security electronics?

I’m an electronic security installer. If I ask you what would be the future of the electronic security industry, what would be your answer? What should I do to keep up with the electronic security industry?

A: Some obvious things occur – understanding of a spectrum of security technology, IT capability, careful brand selection, training, customer relationships, partnering, flawless customer service, perfectionism, total control of the P&L, flexible payroll.

The future of the electronic security industry is more difficult to pick. You can safely assume most operational requirements will remain the same but the way those requirements are met will change. The drivers will continue to be risk, function, liability, efficiency and cost – not necessarily in that order.

From a technological perspective we will see more networking, more investment in the interface, more lateral functionalities, more deep learning. Hardware costs will continue to fall, high technology will become more accessible and end users will become better informed. Expect a symbiotic relationship with the IT department or IT provider.

Security technology moves faster than it used to but is not so fast moving it’s impossible to stay on top of – the trick is positioning yourself ahead of the trends – being open to what’s new, having a keen interest in what consumers and end users desire and require.