LILIN browser-based access management solution.

New from LILIN Australia is the LILIN access control system in 3 different configurations, which can be integrated with IP cameras, fire alarms and intrusion sensors.

Standalone and Standalone with PoE modes are targeted primarily at small commercial and select residential applications, while Mixed mode is recommended for enterprise-level deployments with Wiegand readers and integrates with LILIN’s Navigator series recording solutions.

The browser-based access management software provides a gateway to unified access control, enabling administrators to manage all of their security devices on a single interface. For example, the software’s multi-level mapping feature lets users monitor up to 3 live cameras at each intrusion area, while logging the event in real time. If an alarm event occurs, the administrator is sent an E-mail notification and the software brings up live video on the screen for viewing.

LILIN access control software enables logged events to be fully searchable for later analysis, a process that is made easier by the software’s ability to display individual logs with a snapshot of the person involved and employee information, if available, along with recorded surveillance video, according to the company. Tampering with a card reader, forcing open a door, insufficient permissions, or propping open a door for an extended period of time are all events that would set off an alarm.

The LILIN system has the capacity to store up to 20,000 card holders and 65,500 events with support for a maximum of 1000 doors, all with 3 cameras per door. It also features anti-pass back protection to prevent cardholders from double entering or exiting a door with a single card, along with a duress code for opening a door while sending an alarm.

Components of the LILIN access control system include:

* TCP/IP Single Door RFID Card Reader and PIN Controller (AR2015)
* PoE Relay Box (ARR2010E)
* TCP/IP Multi- and Single-door Control Panels (AC1082, ACW10120)
* AC/DC Power Supply (PMH-PSU330)
* LILIN Access Control Software.

Distributor: LILIN Australia
Contact: 61 2 9646 4878