Body cameras supported by Eagle Eye Networks cloud ecosystem.

Eagle Eye Network’s mobile and body-worn camera system includes the ability to view mobile and fixed camera footage in one interface, securely share videos and more.

Eagle Eye says while managing and retrieving body-worn camera video has been a separate process from the primary video surveillance system, with Eagle Eye, this can now be an integrated and cohesive process that requires less training, is more secure and more reliable.

The Eagle Eye mobile and body-worn camera system includes:

* Viewing mobile and fixed camera footage in one interface, eliminating the need for multiple applications.
* Archiving, storage and retrieval of time-stamped mobile footage with GPS coordinates and tracking.
* Secure sharing of video via mp4 files or via direct links to interested parties.
* Open platform that provides compatibility with a broad array of cameras. Eagle Eye Networks provides support for over 3,500 mobile and fixed cameras.
* Access to a True Cloud system meaning virtually unlimited scalability, triple redundant data center architecture, full encrypted video and comprehensive cybersecurity.
* Eagle Eye Networks’ open API architecture, Eagle Eye Video API Platform, delivers unlimited video analytics from partners.
* AI Ready — With video stored in the loud and open API’s, new AI analysis is being continually developed and improved.