Affordable face recognition from TVT.

CSM presents TVT’s simple and effective standalone solution comprising ‘Face Detection by IP Camera plus Facial Recognition’ by NVR technology, making surveillance easier and more affordable.

Performance features include side face recognition, detecting 10 faces simultaneously, 3-4 faces per second and a database hosting up to 10,000 faces. Additional features including VIP customer greetings, block list warning, face attendance, free statistics, and more.

The accuracy rate is significantly increased with ultra-starlight and white light illumination technology. A powerful mobile app allows you to add new faces, search by image or by name. The NVR GUI is simple, user-friendly and highly effective. Real time alarms, face database management, face information and statistics make this technology a great choice for all applications.

A complete range of face capture 2MP TVT StarLight cameras is available in vandal domes, turrets, and bullets with fixed or motorised long-range lens, with white LED and a complete suite of face recognition NVRs available in 8, 16 and 32-channel models, all with PoE ports and fitted with 4TB Seagate SkyHawk HDDs.

Distributor: CSM
Contact: 1300 663 904