Genetec Inc reports long-time customer NEXTDC has broadened its use of physical security systems beyond security to improve business operations and drive an enhanced customer experience.

Since 2011, Genetec has played an important role in supporting NEXTDC’s vision to deliver on its brand promise guarantee – to power, secure and connect the critical infrastructure that drives local and international organisations. Following a period of rapid growth, NEXTDC partnered with Genetec to build a comprehensive physical security strategy using Genetec solutions to design a unique and seamless customer experience that would not compromise on the security posture of its facilities.

“The way we have deployed the Genetec unified security platform nation-wide has evolved into a key differentiator for our business,” said David Dzienciol, chief customer officer and executive vice president of technology at NEXTDC.

NEXTDC uses the Genetec Security Center to manage access control (using Security Center Synergis), video surveillance (using Security Center Omnicast), as well as all connected video devices and access points in all its data centres that also include video access control intercoms.

With its second generation of data centres, NEXTDC opted to leverage the Security Center Federation feature which allows for centralised monitoring, reporting and alarm management across all ten of NEXTDC’s data centre sites. It is powered by a highly scalable architecture that synchronises cameras, doors and other managed hardware, access points and solutions. Built on role-based protocols determined by NEXTDC, Genetec Security Center offers its security and customer service employees appropriate access to the video surveillance system, video analytics and reporting, access control, two factor authentication systems, and intercoms.

“The Federation feature links our entire national footprint, and means our team has the visibility and control we need to monitor our facilities effectively right across the country, protect against and prevent security breaches and ensure a secure environment,” George Dionisopoulos, head of security and customer service, NEXTDC said. “We can operate a streamlined team, yet provide assistance as required at any of our data centres, servicing our customers exceptionally, every time.”

The enhanced customer experience starts right from the first swipe of an ID access card, when Security Center alerts the security and customer service teams who is swiping in at which door. Customers are recognised and greeted by security personnel. If they need assistance as they make their way through the data centre, no matter where in the country the data centre is, a customer service team member can remotely open a door or speak to them via a nearby intercom to provide the necessary support.

David Dzienciol, chief customer officer and executive vice president of technology, NEXTDC.

“Rigorous access protocols and robust security are ensured,” said Dzienciol. “And so is the customer’s right to have optimal and frictionless access to the data hall and racks containing his or her organisation’s critical information.”

NEXTDC has developed an intelligent service management platform, designed to better deal with multi-faceted requests like when a customer needs access to a data hall, requires parking and has to pick up an item delivered to the data centre. Combining its service management platform with the Genetec unified security platform delivers one single pane of glass for physical security and other managed systems to inform the efficient handling of customer request tickets.

Dzienciol said that this has driven true savings in terms of fewer touch points on each request ticket. The time to approve customer tickets has dropped from several days to just a few minutes. According to Dzienciol, customers’ needs continue to evolve, so it’s important NextDC moves with them.

“When it comes to access control in line with security standards, our customers are looking for auto approval and self-service,” he said. “With the level of intelligence built into our security posture through the help of Genetec solutions, we have been able to reduce the number of front of house and security staff that customers need to engage with each time they visit. This enables us to help our customers get to where they need to be, quickly and efficiently. With the support of Genetec, we can offer a frictionless experience that does not compromise on security.”

“NEXTDC is very forward-thinking, taking a broader view of physical security to derive additional return on its original security infrastructure investment,” said Philippe Ouimette, director of strategic partnerships, Genetec.

“As an organisation it understands the potential for leveraging its physical security systems and the Genetec Security Center platform, not only to deliver on the promise of security to its customers, but to better its business operations and the overall customer experience.”