ATO HQ, Canberra.

The Australian Taxation Office is seeking an organisational identity and access management solution, along with system integration, to support its 25,000 staff across hundreds of sites, as well as handling contractor management.

ATO invites proposals for a systems integrator to develop a roadmap, select and implement an identity and access management (I&AM) solution, as well as building organisational capability that satisfies ATO’s security requirements.

Earlier in this year, the Australian Taxation Office went to market to upgrade/replace its secure internet gateway used to intercept security threats before they reach the IT environment.

The SIG is used to securely manage the ATO’s connection with the internet and other external channels like the intra government communications network (ICON), and protect its IT environment from security threats, harmful code and spam.

The current Secure ATO Gateway Environment supports some 25,000 ATO staff, close to 6 million myGov accounts linked to ATO Online and an average of more than 8 million emails sent each month.

It’s like the new organisational identity and access management solution chosen will mirror ATO’s increasingly cloud-based systems’ focus.

The tender closes on September 30, 2019.