Cairns CCTV, image by Cairns Post.

Cairns Regional Council is inviting submissions from suitably qualified and experienced contractors to provide a range of technical services for CCTV systems across various council sites.

Separable Portion 1 – CCTV camera maintenance and new installations
Separable Portion 2 – CCTV video management software.

Cairns CitySafe CCTV System is comprised of a network of closed circuit television cameras installed in the Cairns Central Business District (CBD) and other locations.

The system is designed to identify and prevent illegal and/or inappropriate behaviour in the Cairns CBD which has the potential to alarm or threaten citizens, or to result in damage of property and the good order of the Cairns CBD.

It allows controlled provision of information by council to the agencies of the Department of Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire) and to other statutory bodies with powers to prosecute to enable the development of effective responses to incidents.

The tender closes at 4:30 PM, Friday 1 November 2019.