Milestone R3.

Milestone Systems has introduced centralized Search to its XProtect Smart Client, as well as a new driver framework, adaptive streaming, and enhanced device password management.

“Search is another testament to the power of our community,” chief technology officer Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, Milestone Systems, said. “The new filtering options demonstrate how combining our partners’ analytics capabilities with XProtect’s native UI, provides a consistent user experience with multiple partner integrations at the same time.”

One of the main features of the 2019 R3 release is Search, a new centralized search platform in XProtect Smart Client, making it possible for users to search for everything in one place. Previously, users performed several standalone searches, depending on what data they were searching for. Now, with the new Search tool users can search for motion, alarms, events, bookmarks and other types of data, in one single place enabling rapid and efficient video investigations. The new Search platform also smoothly embeds partner integrations and their powerful analytic capabilities via dedicated filtering options. Through specific plug-ins and devices, search criteria such as line-crossing and object-in-field will be enabled directly in Search Tab, saving time and increasing efficiency.

In order to allow XProtect device support to grow exponentially with the number of devices in the market, Milestone Systems has introduced Milestone’s Driver Framework, a framework within the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows devices manufacturers, big or small, to develop their own drivers and provide faster device compatibility and deeper integration.

This new feature will enable users to receive lower resolution streams from the recording server when a high resolution one is not required, for example when displaying video on the smart client or smart wall in window sizes smaller than a full screen. This will give users smoother viewing and a better user experience, a lower total cost-of-ownership (TCO) due to less hardware needed to decode unnecessary high-resolution video and better use of bandwidth that can then be utilized for other needs in the organization.

The new Device Password Management is a continuation of a similar feature introduced in the XProtect 2019 R2 update. This feature makes it possible for system administrators to manage all devices’ passwords directly from the XProtect Management Client for selected device manufacturers. In the 2019 R3 update we doubled the number of supported device manufacturers and added the option to schedule future password changes according to the cadence in their organizations and their password policy, making device password management fully automatic.