Genetec Streamvault enhaced with deeper integration, more processing power.

Genetec software is now more deeply integrated with Dell EMC prior to deployment in Genetec Streamvault solutions, which are preconfigured video surveillance appliances built around the Dell EMC OEM PowerEdge 14th generation server.

“Besides ensuring optimised performance right out of the box, this tighter integration with Dell EMC means that we can offer Australia and New Zealand customers a single source of support,” said Philippe Ouimette, director of strategic partnerships at Genetec.

“Plus, the extended lifecycle of our OEM-Ready XL servers makes our solution more cost-effective than competitor products.”

Working with the Dell EMC OEM lab, Genetec increased the performance of its unified video surveillance and access control solution on Dell EMC platforms. Genetec testing has shown its OEM-Ready XL servers offer 225 per cent of the performance of off-the-shelf hardware options.

“Through OS and software optimisation, we raised the video throughput to 1,300 megabits per second—an increase of almost 115 percent,” added Ouimette, “and Genetec offers performance guarantees for specific projects and models.

“We’ve eliminated the need for security integrators to deploy our software onto hardware before installation, providing them with preconfigured appliances that are essentially plug and play—potentially saving days of precious time per project.”

Systems integrators can rely on Genetec’s cybersecurity expertise and deploy fully hardened systems with automated updates based on regular testing and vigilance against threats built into the solution. This limits their exposure and allows them to secure each customer deployment effectively. Rather than configuring servers, SIs can focus on other value add activities and services.

For the customer, the total cost of ownership is lowered thanks to extended service life, reduced support costs, reduced installation and maintenance costs and more performance per dollar.

The OEM-Ready Dell XL servers have an extended lifecycle and provide advanced notification when server components eventually need to be refreshed. The Intel line of powerful processors are at the core of every appliance, boosting the performance and efficiency of Genetec infrastructure solutions.