See the Speedlane solution at SAGE 2019.

This year 35 of Australia’s leading security technology suppliers are exhibiting at SAGE 2019 in Canberra today, November 14 (pre-register here) and they’ll be bringing their best solutions with them.

What will we see at SAGE this year? It goes almost without saying there will be an operational focus, a situational awareness focus and continued pressure on cost – that last one is likely to see attention focused on clever management solutions running on standard hardware, wireless locking solutions, multi-head cameras and video analytics, including LPR, face recognition, perimeter security functions and more.

Another characteristic of SAGE is cutting edge high security solutions and we’ll see the latest PSIM options, drones and drone detection, perimeter security solutions, Class 5 intrusion detection solutions, thermal cameras, drugs and explosives scanners, crowd protection systems and communications and networking peripherals. There’s no doubt that analytics is cutting edge at present – there will be some brilliant solutions at SAGE.

SAGE 2019 is the first opportunity security managers, integrators and consultants in the ACT will have to check out the Nirovision Identity Recognition Platform. A cloud-based solution, Nirovision says this solution gives businesses and organisations a ‘super-powered’ ability to know who is around their premises. Identification extends beyond a name or a face – identities encompass the groups we associate with, our preferences and behaviours. By knowing who is around, organisations become more secure, productive and profitable.

Important, too, Nirovision’s Facial Recognition algorithms run frictionlessly in the background, so there’s no need for user-carried identification devices of any kind. The Nirovision platform includes a rich identity database, activity reports and analytics, alerts and integrations, and mobile and desktop apps.

DataLine Visual Link will show AnyVision analytics at SAGE. AnyVision is a server-based GPU-powered analytic solution that can process 23 faces simultaneously and offers a toolbox of neat features and functions. AnyVision works on a convolutional neuroscience artificial intelligence algorithm – it undertakes feature extraction from all around the face and as long as there are 3-4 decent features, there’s a match. With 115,000,000 people on the AnyVision database, it’s still possible to get a match in .2 of a second – airport analytic solutions take 9 seconds to make a match between a live image and a passport photo.

Bosch Security Systems makes such great cameras it’s possible to forget the company is also a video analytics pioneer. At SAGE this year, Bosch will be showing the latest in video analytics and machine learning. With video analytics at the edge standard in all Bosch cameras, it’s possible to use metadata to add sense and structure to captured video footage. Bosch Camera Trainer allows better camera setup ensuring less is missed – the more a video security camera can know and learn, the more accurately and application specifically it can perform and the deeper the layers of information that can be translated into instant alerts and business intelligence via simple dashboards. This means security teams can make smarter business decisions, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Axis, too, will be bringing analytics to SAGE, along with CCTV, access control, automation and audio solutions. Axis video analytics applications enable proactive surveillance, helping security staff protect property by detecting and deterring crime. The applications can detect trespassers or loiterers and automatically notify a guard or play a message over a loudspeaker. The edge-based applications are scalable and help reduce bandwidth and storage use by sending and recording only video that is of interest. Axis also offers a range of applications for the retail industry that provide valuable and actionable statistics, as well as tools that help businesses improve sales, prevent losses and increase profits.

Sektor will show intelligent, network-centric IT devices – including FLIR cameras – which not only capture but analyse image data to deliver true business value. Detection and surveillance are an important application of video cameras, and image analysis and recognition now helps businesses streamline process, reduce cost, and deliver new forms of customer service. As well as cameras, Sektor has network video recorders and video management software.

Another company bringing its latest management solutions, including intelligent search, LPR and face recognition technology, to SAGE is Geutebruck. Built around the concepts of open platform, low latency and advanced analytics, Geutebruck video surveillance solutions are installed in key government and corporate sites across Australia. Well worth a look.

Another strong management solution at SAGE is Saab OneView, a custom PSIM/situational awareness engine that’s endlessly customisable and expandable. OneView is an if/then business rules integration platform topped by a lightweight management system that sits above any collection of integrated sub systems and aggregates system-wide events to give profound situational awareness, quickfire response to unfolding events and complex reporting via a single portal.

Sub systems that can be enfolded by OneView include detection, LPR, RFID, heartbeat, metal detection, locking, biometric, face recognition, lightning, fire, CCTV (camera/NVR/VMS), audio, alarm systems, intercom, gate, body scanner, lights, air conditioning, water supply, automation, GPS and microphonics from any manufacturer, along with anything else you need to deliver centralised (and remote) situational awareness.

Milestone Systems will show XProtect 2019 R3 release with new Search, a centralized search platform in XProtect Smart Client, making it possible for users to search for everything in one place. Previously, users performed several standalone searches, depending on what data they were searching for, seeking motion, alarms, events, bookmarks and other types of data. Search platform also embeds partner integrations and their powerful analytic capabilities via dedicated filtering options. Search criteria such as line-crossing and object-in-field can be enabled directly in Search Tab, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Honeywell’s Command and Control Suite PSIM was developed for critical government infrastructure to support mission critical life safety and security systems integration platform designed to give security teams insight, agility and automation to better coordinate security management an emergency response from any networked location. CCS is an open platform built on industry standard operating systems and server hardware and integrates with a wide range of 3rd party subsystems, controllers and applications using open protocols. It’s another solution well worth a look at SAGE.

For security managers in correction and defence, drones pose a serious threat to operations. Sensing Products will show multi-function radar sensors designed to detect objects previously undetectable by traditional radar and perimeter security solutions. The product range includes the new Osprey SAOR contraband detection radar – designed and manufactured by Sensing Products in Australia, as part of a joint initiative with NSW Corrective Services Industries. OspreyAIR is a 360-degree anti drone radar – providing full dome coverage and live tracking up to 1 kilometre in diameter. The Osprey AMBIT range of compact surveillance ground-based radar panels offers one of the most comprehensive range of wide area detection systems available to the security market.

Ness will show the Nx Witness architecture IP (or network) video management system at SAGE. Nx Witness combines cross-platform cloud, server, desktop, mobile, and web applications into a seamless, stable, fast, responsive, flexible, easy-to-use VMS for any commercial or government application. Nx Witness supports nearly every camera on the market today using a combination of ONVIF, native integration, or RTSP/HTTP streaming.

HID SAFE Solution will also be shown at SAGE. It’s a web-based, policy-driven software solution that enables any federal department or agency to align with government department policies, rules and regulations in order to efficiently streamline its physical security operations. HID SAFE captures the physical security dimensions that need to be satisfied for full alignment with national and local government identity guidelines via a centralized, supervisory system that can actually homogenize the underlying disparities of logical and physical security infrastructure, in a common policy-based system. Given the increasing complexity of the networked electronic security ecosystem, SAFE offers powerful assistance.

Meanwhile, Panasonic will be showcasing its latest iA PTZ dome network cameras which has the ability to deliver Full HD ultra-sharp images automatically, even in very challenging city-safe environments. The new cameras offer a long lifecycle thanks to durable pan/tilt gear mechanisms and are designed to minimise blind spots at areas where a wide area needs to be monitored, such as stadiums, critical infrastructure, airports and station concourses. Another Panasonic highlight at SAGE will be the WV-S8530N Multi-Sensor Cameras that offer four repositionable lenses that minimise blind spots at complex traffic intersections and other locations where a wide area needs to be monitored.

Something clever at SAGE will be the SCSI Smart Duress Watch System, a platform which supports various bespoke smart watches, mobile phone APPS, PC-based JAVA application and Wi-Fi Duress button all in one platform, with the ability to report within a local group and to escalate events back to a monitoring centre. The system has 2 cloud-based portals, one for administration/management and the other for alarm reporting and tracking.

Western Advance, with Smiths Detection, will showcase a range of urban security solutions designed to safeguard people and infrastructure at SAGE. Public transportation networks, government buildings, prisons, public places and arenas are all highly susceptible to ongoing threats and attacks from a range of lethal weapons and explosive devices. The Smiths Detection range of static and mobile scanners and x-ray technologies, including hand-held, non-contact chemical identifiers, explosives trace detector, mail-from scanners and building scanners deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions to rapidly changing threats; while Western Advance offers the expertise to integrate these solutions into a comprehensive security solution.

In an environment where UAV Drones are an increasing threat to critical infrastructure. C.R. Kennedy will show its DJI Aeroscope, a solution that detects and warns against unauthorised drone usage with a range of many kilometres. Particularly neat, the latest Portable unit will be on display. Another attraction from CRK is Reveal UK body worn camera system, with the latest Wi-Fi and 4G-enabled cameras at SAGE for demonstration. CRK will also show a range of high-end cameras products suitable for government and critical infrastructure protection.

In the area of access control and alarm systems, there’s plenty going on in a layered market. In this segment, Inner Range is showcasing the latest release in the Infiniti Class 5 range. Infiniti Class 5 system consists of a suite of products which provide all the elements necessary to meet the stringent requirements set out by the AS/NZS 2201.1:2007 Class 5 standard.
SCSI will be showing the DirectConnect 4G Fixed IP managed server router, offering a static IP on both Telstra’s and/or Optus’s 4G LTE networks, supporting either static IP port forwarding or frame routing. This allows access to the local LAN range within a highly secure private network, enabling access to IP CCTV, access control and IP alarm systems without having to touch your own network or when you have no fixed network available.

Meanwhile, Gallagher is showcasing the Gallagher Class 5 Intruder Alarm System (IAS) which mitigates the risk of vulnerable analogue connections (resistive end of line supervision) for alarm sensors. Our Class 5 IAS provides you with a fully encrypted, authenticated, and compliant Class 5 level Alarm System, the highest level of the AS/NZS 2201 intruder alarm system standard.

This year at SAGE, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions will be showcasing its proven CLIQ, a group technology platform for electromechanical keys and cylinders. Since the electronics fits within the cylinder core, there are a large number of cylinder and lock variants available, including e.g. padlocks. Compared to a mechanical master key system, CLIQ has a number of benefits, including the ability to block lost keys, retrieve audit trails from keys and cylinders, change access rights electronically, and protect against key copying. It’s also possible to combine mechanical cylinders and CLIQ cylinders in the same system – pretty neat. CLIQ requires no wiring and no battery in the cylinder, which for some applications is critical and offers an advantage over typical RFID based solutions.

Another proven locking solution is the low current version of The FSH FSS1 High Security Sensor. The new solid-state version of the product requires only 10mA, which allows the FSS1 to be powered from the end-of-line module, negating the need for additional power supplies. It also enables existing non-powered passive technology reed switch installations to be retrofitted with the FSS1 active technology device; overcoming the requirement to run additional cables and enabling the use of a SL4 active technology door sensor in almost any environment. Nice.

Something else well worth a look is EVVA’s SCEC-approved (including SL3 rated products) 4KS maximum security master key system, providing up to 133 billion possible lock combinations and patented till 2035. Meanwhile, EKA CyberLock, which delivers access control without wires, will be showcasing the CyberAudit Link mobile app with the Blue2 CyberKey, providing virtually real time access control and audit trails on remote sites.

Access Hardware Group has partnered with Surelock McGill to provide high performance door locking and bolting systems. Leading the industry in their blast, ballistic and physical threat testing, these doors provide a resistance to attack from a variety of different threat possibilities while maintaining convenient, safe, secure access and egress for staff and the public. Multipoint systems are available, along with bespoke systems suitable for particular needs.

Boon Edam Australia will be showcasing its Speedlane Lifeline range of speedgates, which are trusted by high-level Australian government departments for their elegant combination of security, functionality and aesthetics. The Swing model is the slimmest speedgate in Australia, with a cabinet width of just 106mm. The speed gate turnstile seamlessly guides large groups of people safely through the physical security barrier using modern technology and sophisticated and intuitive sensors. The Lifeline Speedlane Swing can be installed as a single or multi-lane set up and offers sensor detector of approach, unauthorised user detection, tailgating detection, guiding LEDs, sleep function to save energy and an integrated control panel.

TRAKA Oceania is showing its Intrepid SL3 Rated SCEC-endorsed electronic key cabinet. Intrepid key cabinets are locally designed and manufactured and capable of securing up to 180 keysets. The cabinets are supplied with a SCEC rated metal door complete with 3-way mechanical locking solution. The admin control chamber consists of the user interface which includes the LCD, keypad and card or biometric reader. The Intrepid series is administered from the user friendly Traka32 Windows software supporting a Microsoft Access or SQL database. The Intrepid series can communicate with the Traka32 software using a range of different options including Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, GPRS, RS485, RS232 and modem. Multiple systems can be networked together using Traka32 to expand the number of keys managed.

Meanwhile, BM doors will be showcasing its modular door and frame system along with its new DLHC (Dual Lock Handle Control) range. With electronic integration and 3-point locking system, this is a must see.

Ezi Security Systems will be showcasing various PAS68 and IWA14 crash-rated bollards including Safetyflex Truckstopper Series. EZi Security Systems manufactures and installs a premium range of perimeter security solutions for both vehicle and pedestrian access control, with specialized expertise in hostile vehicle mitigation and protection of crowded spaces. The Truckstopper 7-40 is PAS-68 rated and has a lightweight base plate – 46kg – and a single shallow footing 200mm deep. Despite this small footprint, a single TS7-40S bollard will stop a 7.5-tonne truck striking at 90 degrees from breaking into a pedestrian safe zone. The TS7-40S bollard shell encases a system of springs which transmit the forward energy of a strike back into the vehicle, rendering it undrivable.

Also in the physical security space, Gunnebo solutions are engineered to work in harmony with the built environment and its surroundings and focus on making people more safe and secure while making security invisible. Gunnebo will shows operational technologies that include; Delay the advance of the break-in by creating physical and temporal distance relative to the object to be protected using hostile vehicle mitigation products; Progressively apply this protection solution from the guard stations and the buildings’ external envelope, right up to the sensitive operational zones inside with high security entrance systems for bullet, blast and manual attack resistance; Defend the most sensitive zones using certified protection means, factoring in peoples’ safety in the event of evacuation; Protect the object itself, ensuring that it may not be accessed unless established procedures are followed using speedstiles, airlocks, turnstiles and a full range of entrance controls.

At SAGE, Moog will show high-quality, scalable physical-security solutions. It’s latest security and surveillance products include, high-definition (HD) network camera systems for harsh environments, rugged fixed and PTZ camera enclosures, pan and tilt positioners, tripods, infrared illuminators, mounting poles, camera lowering devices, and other accessories.

Perimeter Systems Australia will be showing the latest X and K-band IP-based PoE microwave links – the X-band being (Model 334-POE-S) and K-band being (Model 336-POE). These links expand its suite of networked, volumetric detection sensors. Featuring a single cable for data and power, these all-weather sensors seamlessly integrate with other IP-based perimeter security devices for maximum system design flexibility, reduced installation costs and remote monitoring convenience. They are ideal for protection of fence lines, open areas, gates, entryways, walls or rooftops, the sensors employ advanced algorithms to optimize discrimination between intrusion attempts and environmental disturbances, mitigating risk while preventing nuisance alarms. Units are easily stacked for applications with prone crawling or bridging attack risks.

Perimeter Systems will also show INTREPID fence and microwave perimeter intrusion detection sensors, with proprietary digital signal processing algorithms precisely locate intrusion attempts while ignoring harmless disturbances caused by wind, rain or vehicle traffic, reducing nuisance alarm rates.
The sensors seamlessly integrate with other IP/POE perimeter security devices and cameras, enabling site design flexibility and lower infrastructure costs. Requiring only a single cable for data and power, the sensors offer convenient management via authorized PC or handheld device.

And MicroPoint-POE leverages the field-proven performance of MicroPoint II with the ability to integrate with TCP/IP networks through a single Ethernet cable, providing installation and maintenance convenience, system design flexibility and lower infrastructure costs. The system’s algorithms precisely locate intrusion attempts to within 3m while ignoring harmless disturbances, producing superior probability of detection and a low nuisance alarm rate. The system also features a unique calibration process to ensure uniform detection.

SAGE will also see the latest gear from SRA Solutions. Products range from low density single network rack to high density solutions, as well as everything in between. At SAGE you can find out more about preconfigured racks, configuring racks, power distribution, rack accessories and racking monitoring.

Mitygo is presenting demo sessions on the SMART-D System – a 3rd generation detection system for eavesdropping device and wireless hacking device, that’s brand new to Australia. Existing spectrum analysers run only for 3 to 4 hours on battery and require a spectrum analysis expert on site for operation and analysis. Mitygo’s system is autonomous and all the time, analysing by a special algorithm based on learning and accumulated background data, alerting and logging suspicious signals on a management server and database. Other spectrum analysers cannot detect signals if any advanced eavesdropping device start sending signals when there is no expert present on site or the SA not operating.

SAGE is the perfect opportunity to get across the latest security technologies from many of the industries’ leading suppliers and manufacturers without having to leave town – don’t miss it ACT people – pre-register here and we’ll see you there! #sage2019