Outgoing Commander departs the HMAS Stirling via paddleboard after handing over command to Captain Ainsley Morthorpe.

Department of Defence – DSRG has gone to tender seeking CCTV and emergency communications systems for HMAS Stirling in Western Australia.

The scope of the project includes provision of CCTV cameras across the base and causeway for base surveillance and provision of CCTV cameras, long range audio device (LRAD) and RADAR to cover seaward waters.

The scope also includes upgrades to emergency radio network system, design and delivery of a radio repeater station, and supply and installation of a kiosk substation to enhance power supply.

HMAS Stirling is a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) base that is part of fleet Base West situated on the west coast of Australia. The base is located on Garden Island, near Perth. Garden Island also has its own military airport on the 10km long and 1.5km wide island. The base is commanded by Captain Ainsley Morthorpe, who memorably addressed the expo hall at SAGE 2017 in Canberra.

HMAS Stirling has expanded significantly within its existing boundaries and is the largest of the RAN’s shore establishments, with a base population of approximately 2300 service personnel, 600 defence civilians and 500 contractors. Amenities included berthing and wharves, vessel repair and refit services, a ship-lift, and a helicopter support facility, as well as medical facilities, fuel storage and accommodation. The base also hosts the Submarine Escape Training Facility – one of only 6 in the world and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.

HMAS Stirling is home port to 11 fleet units, including 4 Anzac class frigates (HMAS Arunta, HMAS Ballarat, HMAS Toowoomba and HMAS Perth), all 6 Collins class submarines operated by the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Service (HMAS Collins, HMAS Farncomb, HMAS Waller, HMAS Dechaineux, HMAS Sheean and HMAS Rankin), and a fleet replenishment vessel, HMAS Sirius.

The tender closes on December 6.