Genetec releases 3-sensor Autovu SharpZ3 LPR, analytics camera.

Genetec has unveiled its next-generation mobile license plate recognition system, featuring Intel Movidius VPU technology with edge-based deep learning capabilities, including vehicle analytics, situational awareness, and greater accuracy.

The AutoVu SharpZ3 system also features 3 optical sensors in the camera to provide additional analytics such as the precise positioning of detected objects, and a modular chassis to allow users to easily add new functionalities in the field without the complication and costs of hardware replacement.

“With the AutoVu SharpZ3, vehicle-based ALPR technology is about to enter a new phase in its evolution, made possible by Intel’s high-performance, low-power, deep learning VPU,” said Stephan Kaiser, general manager of AutoVu at Genetec.

“By bringing powerful deep learning processing into the device itself, we are no longer limited by the constraints of traditional computer vision techniques or server post-processing. The new AutoVu SharpZ3 system will enable cities and law enforcement organizations to go far beyond simple license plate character recognition.”

The AutoVu SharpZ3 system will not only be able to improve the accuracy of license plate reads in difficult environments (such as bad weather, heavy traffic, and fast speeds) but will also be able to instantly recognize additional analytics such as vehicle type, colour, and more.

With future releases, the deep learning capabilities in the AutoVu SharpZ3 will enable cities to use their ALPR equipped vehicles to address other operational issues such as detecting unpermitted road construction, discovering abandoned e-scooters or bikes in unauthorized zones, and more. #genetec #AutoVu SharpZ3