Maude St Mall, Shepparton, image by Shepparton News.

Shepparton City Council is seeking 18 fixed wireless CCTV cameras as part of stage 2 of its Safer City Camera Network, which has been in operation since 2014.

This contract includes supply and installation of 18 new fixed wireless IP cameras, the relocation of 1 existing PTZ camera and associated hardware. Cameras will integrate with the existing Safer City Camera Network, a closed-circuit television network managed and operated by Greater Shepparton City Council in partnership with Victoria Police.

Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville said $280,000 had been alloted for the expansion, which will bring the total amount of CCTV cameras in Shepparton to around 40. Due to be installed in Fraser, Fryers and High Sts, Victoria Park Lake, Queens Gardens and the Shepparton Sports Precinct, the footage will be relayed to the Shepparton Police Station. The expansion makes up stage two of the Greater Shepparton

‘‘These new cameras will help police keep a close eye on the Shepparton CBD and surrounding areas, making it a safer and more inviting space for the community,’’ Ms Neville said.

Shepparton Police Acting Inspector Dean Williams said the expansion was a chance to make the public feel safer.

‘‘The extension will be of great benefit for us as an enforcement agency and around prevention as well.’’

The network area was developed around identified high risk pedestrian areas, where reported and non-reported crime was evident, together with locations of community concern due to poor safety perceptions and areas of congregation. The Safer City Camera network was part funded by the Department of Justice’s Public Safety Infrastructure Fund, the Attorney Generals Department’s Safer Suburbs Program Taxi Security Scheme and the Greater Shepparton City Council.

The objectives of the Safer City camera network include:

* Improve perceptions of safety within the network area and late-night venues
* Reduce anti-social behaviour and property damage within the Maude Street Mall
* Maude Street Bus Interchange and late-night venues within the network area
* Encourage increased community confidence and enjoyment of public spaces and retail areas within the network area
* Support local Police in their capacity to detect and respond effectively to incidents, antisocial behaviour or escalation of identified incidents
* Approved utilisation of the captured digital footage as evidence to assist with the identification, detection and prosecution of offenders
* Increase community confidence in Police and community safety within Greater Shepparton
* Operate a best practice state of the art Safer City Camera Network within the Shepparton central business district
* Develop, strengthen and enhance existing relationships in developing community safety initiatives within Greater Shepparton

The Safer City Camera Network is a partnership project between Victoria Police and the Greater Shepparton City Council. The roles and responsibilities of each party are clearly specified in a Memorandum of Understanding, Management of Footage Protocol and Communication and Liaison Protocol. These documents recognise that Greater Shepparton City Council is the owner of the Safer City Camera Network and Victoria Police is responsible for the management of the recorded data.

Tenders can only be lodged online and the tender closes December 11, 2019.