Swann releases new cameras, new app.

Swann has released an integrated electronic security ecosystem that can be controlled by a single app and is supported by free cloud services.

As part of the launch the company is releasing its Wi-Fi Alert indoor camera and Wi-Fi Spotlight outdoor camera, along with announcing the release of 3 new wired security systems. These include DVRs with sensor warning light cameras (available in both 1080p and 4K Ultra HD) and 4K Ultra HD NVRs with spotlight cameras featuring crime deterring sirens.

The Swann Wi-Fi cameras connect to power and can be set up on a smartphone via Wi-Fi. 1080p HD videos record via free access to the cloud. The Wi-Fi Alert indoor security camera offers 2-way audio, allowing users to talk to guests or warn off intruders with a siren. The Wi-Fi Spotlight outdoor camera is outfitted with a siren and 2-way audio.

Swann’s new Day/Night 4K Spotlight NVR camera connects to NVRs to provide 4K ultra HD video. This new model comes with motion-sensing ultra-bright 300 Lumen spotlights, a siren and 2-way audio functionality, as well as mobile alerts, night vision of up to 45m in total darkness (60m with ambient lights), as well as the ability to see colour at night.

The Swann Day/Night 4K sensor warning light camera with siren connects to a wired DVR recorder. It offers 4K Ultra HD video with a digital zoom. The extended night vision, up to 40m, 1080p version of the day/night warning light camera is available and offers full HD video with night viewing in colour up to 10m when the lights are activated, while its infrared night vision can capture essential evidence in black and white for up to 30m.

The new Swann app allows users to control multiple wired systems, and Wi-Fi cameras from multiple sites, stream live video and receive notifications. Swann claims to be the only DIY vendor that offers a complete line up of wired and wireless security solutions that is completely integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The new Swann Security ecosystem is said to feature sets such as: video analytics (line crossing, intrusion, static object detection and target unwanted activity); smart alerts (heat and movement from people and cars trigger accurate mobile alerts); and optional additional alerts including face recognition, pet, vehicle, parcel and camera tampering detection will be available for the Wi-Fi cameras via a subscription service.

“At Swann, we are committed to simplifying home security for daily life,” said Swann’s Jeremy Stewart. “Consumers want smart security solutions that prevent crime, interconnect with one another, and offer value with no recurring fees, and this is what we are delivering with the new Swann Security products.”

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