City of Adelaide.

The City of Adelaide has invited tenders for the provision of consultancy services for building management systems (BMS) CCTV and security.

The City of Adelaide is a local government area in the metropolitan area of Adelaide covering the original Adelaide city centre, North Adelaide, and the Adelaide Park Lands. Administrative offices are located in the Colonel William Light Centre building at 25 Pirie Street, adjacent to the Adelaide Town Hall in King William Street.

City of Adelaide owns and operates a number of city services and amenities, including 9 car parking stations (Central Market, Grote, Gawler, Pirie Flinders, Light Square, Rundle, Topham, Wyatt and Frome) branded as UPark, Adelaide Central Market, a tourist attraction and working market, Adelaide Aquatic Centre and a network of local library and community centres.

The tender closes December 10, 2019 – you can find out more here.