Bosch IP 3000i from CSD.

Bosch has introduced its new IP 3000i range of dome and microdome network cameras with in-built Essential Video Analytics (EVA).

EVA features include people counting, blocked emergency exits, queue notification and then providing valuable data for business intelligence.

Available in 2MP or 5MP with 120dB wide dynamic range and built-in infrared on outdoor models, the IP 3000i is suitable for retail, commercial, offices and banks. The outdoor dome has a 3.2-10mm varifocal lens while the microdome is provided with either a 2.3mm or 2.8mm fixed lens.

High-quality, 24/7 performance and cost effective, this new IP 3000i range sets a new benchmark for professional surveillance installations.

Distributor: Central Security Distribution
Contact: 1300 319 499 #csd #bosch #boschip3000i