Bosch 8000i combines strong performance and easy installation.

It’s best to think of the digital video stream as a representation of a scene. You’re never going to get perfect performance across a 24-hour light cycle.

You’ll have to deal with all the usual oddities from lens distortions to digital rebuild artefacts, variable latency that’s worse with backlight or low light. There’s going to be motion blur aplenty, blooming, strange tone mapping effects – these are going to vary depending on the quality of the hardware and firmware you’re using.

Digital camera systems put a great deal of work onto an image stream during processing – it’s so distinctive it’s possible to identify some camera brands from the characteristics of their image streams in certain conditions. Having said all this, I think it’s possible to guarantee better camera performance by choosing the camera that’s right for your application.

That camera needn’t be the ‘best’ camera, or the most expensive. It’ll be the one that gets closest to an ideal operational performance desired by your security team and that is easy to install and integrate and that won’t break the bank. Some camera models and some camera brands do perform better than others but it’s surprisingly hard to pick these days – testing tells you.