Dahua Hubble panoramic camera combines a fast-moving PTZ and a multi-sensor design, with 8 independent concave windows to avoid occlusion caused by rain and snow.

The eight 4/3-inch (1920 x 1080p) CMOS sensors are used together with a 1.8-inch star-level sensor on the ball to deliver a clear and bright performance at night, providing a 24-hour monitoring capability.

Dahua Hubble features a splicing algorithm, tracking algorithm and face recognition algorithm – the camera can manage high-point monitoring via 360-degree seamless splicing. The AR platform realizes panoramic AR functions that can identify moving trajectories of people and vehicles.

Real-time screen connection also allows users to obtain real time information of people within the panoramic view and enables intelligent warning and stereoscopic command to assist video surveillance.

Distributors: LSC, Seadan, Hills, SecuSafe