Pelco’s VideoXpert 3.7 VMS now includes high framerate playback (smooth fast forward): VX 3.7’s fast playback shows both I and P-frames (not just I-frames) at 2x, 4x, and 8x.

VX 3.7 now integrates with Twilio so that an SMS message can be sent and received globally – VideoXpert’s Rules Engine can be used to send an SMS message from any event, including integrations and external events, as a recording trigger. All new event triggers can be used with a reduced frame rate, continuous recording behaviour in order to get bump on alarm type recording.

It’s also now possible to connect VxOpsCenter from a different network with enabling of clients on a remote network and the ability for CMG NICs to connect into separate networks providing flexibility to operate on different network architectures.

VideoXpert version 3.7 also includes the new VxStorage designed for monitoring environments involving a large number of cameras and long retention times. VxStorage now features a 200TB+ high capacity storage unit with a smaller footprint and comes with RAID 6 storage, redundant 1100W power supplies and iDRAC remote management allowing for critical resource monitoring and constant system status.

The storage servers boost efficiency with smaller rack storage space and cost savings as only one system can cover most storage needs, according to the company.

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