Darren Taylor, managing director, PMT Security.

PMT Security has upgraded the capabilities of its engineering team over the past 12 months and is able to provide full remote support for a wide range of security and network deployments and solutions, according to the company.

The Melbourne-based security integrator is also able to deploy and manage virtual solutions off-premises, saving customers time and reducing the total-cost-of-ownership for many security services.

“We have raised the bar significantly in recent times, and our ability to engineer, deploy and manage sophisticated and ultra-modern security services sets us apart from our competitors,” said Darren Taylor, managing director of PMT Security.

“We have seen the industry evolve over the 40 years we have been around and understand that simply delivering and installing boxes of equipment is no longer enough to keep customers safe.

“PMT Security has significantly increased the size and capabilities of its engineering department over the past year, allowing our customers better access to planning and design services up-front, and increasing the level of support and problem-solving post deployment.”

The company cites a recent instance where a large Western Sydney council suffered a vendor hardware malfunction, and critical services were taken offline. The PMT Security engineering team, operating from offices in Sydney and Melbourne, was able to provide a virtual work-around solution while the issue was being fixed, and reboot services with a minimum of data loss, time and effort.

“We can manage our solutions from anywhere, our engineers are both highly trained and equipped to handle complex problem-solving whenever and wherever they are required,” Taylor said.

“We can monitor solutions and networks, provide patches and firmware updates, manage storage and data flow – and being able to do it remotely reduces the time it takes for our customers to get the support they require, as well as reducing the cost, in many cases, of sending technicians out to a site.”

According to Simon Vagg, lead engineer at PMT Security, the company partners with a wide range of vendors to provide services including IP camera networks, video data analysis, preventive maintenance, public address systems, physical and logical access control and more.

“We also have an advanced application that allows us to create a highly-realistic 3D image of an area, then plot the precise camera location for optimal coverage,” explained Vagg.

“This ensures there are no blind spots, we have the right pixel count for features like facial recognition (FR) and are making the absolute best use of the space in the most cost-effective manner.

“PMT has the ability to draft methodology plans, and carry out all work associated with a tender, while many of our competitors need to rely on third parties to do the pre-staging for them. That way, we also have an intimate knowledge of the task once we win the contract and can really hit the ground running.”