City of Melbourne is continuing its $A52 million programme to upgrade security across the city, with 196 new bollards, 35 additional concrete barriers and expansion of the public address and CCTV systems.

The upgrades will provide protection for pedestrians from vehicle-based attacks, as well as improving how police can monitor and respond to any incidents.

The CCTV network has been expanded with the addition of 30 new cameras, while the PA system has been expanded to cover an additional 94 locations.

Victoria Police and emergency services can use the CBD PA system to provide warnings and safety information across Melbourne’s CBD. The overarching solution includes an emergency messaging system.

The concrete blocks and barriers that protect 9 of Melbourne’s busiest pedestrian sites are in the process of being replaced with steel bollards, barriers, street furniture and other long-term measures.

Bollards used are the SafetyFlex Truckstopper 7-40, which is PAS-68 rated and has a lightweight base plate – 46kg – and a single shallow footing 200mm deep. Despite this small footprint, a single TS7-40S bollard will stop a 7.5-tonne truck striking at 90 degrees from breaking into a pedestrian safe zone.

The TS7-40S bollard shell encases a system of springs which transmit the forward energy of a strike back into the vehicle, rendering it undrivable. At higher speeds, the bollard’s energy transfer mechanism will cause a vehicle to disintegrate.

According to Melbourne City Council, the aim of the project is to create protective zones for pedestrians, and balance the needs of everyone using the sites, including safety, engineering, design and heritage.