Waikato University in Hamilton New Zealand has released a request for information seeking smart systems development and integration and a CCTV surveillance system.

According to university, the aim of this RFI is to assist Waikato University further the development and provision of a leading-edge campus management and security system.

To facilitate this, the RFI seeks to identify a suitable partner which can upgrade and replace the existing campus CCTV systems and help design and implement AI and analytics-driven solutions.

Waikato University requests product manufacturers/suppliers and integrators to respond to this RFI with suitable products and services aligned with the required solution outlined in the RFI. There is no requirement for consultancy services.

Located in Hamilton, New Zealand, with a satellite campus at Tauranga, the university has a 65-hectare campus and supports an enrolment of around 12,500. Waikato University envisions a highly connected future.

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This RFI closes on February 7, 2020.