ADT has announced results of a YouGov survey conducted on its behalf with 1230 U.S. consumers during December 2019. The results suggest consumers are concerned about privacy but are not acting on their fears – perhaps through lack of knowledge.

According to the data gathered by the survey, 92 of respondents feel smart home security companies need to take responsibility for measures to protect customers’ personal data and information.

The survey also uncovered that when it comes to how personal information is shared, consumers tend to be more concerned about how governments 89 per cent and companies 93 per cent share their personal information than they are about how they share their own personal information on social media – 86 per cent.

Further, the survey revealed consumers are now aware of and concerned about privacy as it relates to smart home devices, with the top concerns reported to be hacking (75 per cent) followed by government spying on in-home smart cameras (53 per cent) and smart speakers (52 per cent).

Despite acknowledging the importance of privacy protocols, most consumers don’t use privacy measures available to them. In fact, fewer than 40 per cent of survey respondents reported having any data privacy measures in place at all. At the same time, 40 per cent of those surveyed admit they don’t feel knowledgeable on the topic.

“These consumer privacy opinion survey findings validate the work we’ve been doing as an industry over the past year to create a set of guiding principles to help protect customer privacy and trust in the security industry and member companies, and to unify ourselves around them,” says Frank Cona, chief privacy officer, ADT.